The Anxiety Vaccine Pt. 2: What Parents Can Do Right Now

As we face a mental health crisis alongside the pandemic that we really focus on the emotional management skills that we can teach our children. It’s an effective way to immunize them against emotional difficulties by talking about their emotions, raising their awareness of them, and parents modeling emotional literacy. Lynn discusses the commons trait that most anxious parents have in common in how they raise anxious kids.

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While we wait for a vaccine distribution plan to address our global pandemic, there is a mental health crisis happening simultaneously. Our numbers for anxiety were alarming even before 2020, and now, yikes. But there ways parents can promote a skill-based immunization strategy for our family’s mental health. Is there really a vaccine for anxiety?

We reference a webinar featuring Lynn Lyons with Dr. Ashish Jha, MD and Dean of the Brown School of Public Health called  “Living Through the Pandemic: Managing Hope and Concern with Vaccines on the Horizon.”

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