The Anxiety Vaccine For Kids Pt. 2: Emotional Management

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What is emotional management and why is it the key to a family’s mental health? How can you model it for your kids, and how can you teach them the skills they need to show up at life’s difficult moments? Anxiety expert Lynn Lyons discusses the commons trait that most anxious parents have in common and how they raise anxious kids, but she walks us through the parenting conversations that promote the skills that can “immunize” our kids from developing anxiety disorders.

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Managing Anxiety in Children: A Guide for Parents

This self-paced course covers the core tools a family needs to manage their anxiety, the same principles Lynn teaches to families in her private practice.

This course includes 6 video modules from Lynn Lyons, LICSW, and 9 additional Q&A videos from Lynn and Robin of Flusterclux.

What you’ll get:

  • Understand how anxiety works so that you can help manage your kids and your own.
  • Learn what to say when anxiety shows up for you or your kids.
  • For Kids: A special video that explains how anxiety works suitable for those ages 6 and up.

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