The Noise in Your Head

For adults wanting to take control of their anxiety, I highly recommend Reid Wilson’s YouTube series “The Noise In Your Head.”

Enjoy its clever writing, high production value, and powerful message as you follow lead character Susan throughout her day as her annoying and rude Anxiety tries to sabotage her thoughts.  

This video series, while terrific for those with anxiety disorders, is truly helpful to anyone who works to manage the relationship between our own busy brains and the uncertainty of life. I would strongly recommend this for older teens, too.

It’s smart; it’s funny, and it’s free.

More About Reid Wilson

Reid is my co-author for our best-selling book Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents and is praised for his groundbreaking work in the management of anxiety in adults.

Reid Wilson, PhD, is author of Stopping the Noise in Your Head: The New Way to Overcome Anxiety and Worry and the classic self-help book Don’t Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks. He designed American Airlines’ first national program for the fearful flier and currently serves as the expert for WebMD’s Mental Health Community.

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